Palette knife with a wooden handle

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A palette knife made to mix colors well and add it in different techniques on the canvas!

The lightweight metal blade allows you to work flexible and make reliefs. This only works with thicker paint.

TIP: With oil paint, you reach more thickness by adding Impasto Medium. This is also an economical way to extend your oil paint.

When mixing paint (especially our oil paint) the pigments are suposed to melt into each other. This will not work when you are using a brush to mix. Most of the time there will be some pigment powder left stuck in the bristles. This is a waste of the paint and the paint will never be optimal. With the palette knife it goes way smoother and the result of the color will be much better. 

This sustainably made palette knife has the perfect larger head size for mixing pigments with oil and has a wooden handle.

Measures 7 cm - 2,5 cm

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