Complete ecological oil paint set with 10 colours

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A great oilpaint starterset for artists who wants to start working with natural paint

These naturally non-toxic paints create the most archival, UV resistant, durable and radiant paints available today.

The base of the unique, durable and high quality paint is formed with mineral pigments and earth. Paint like the old masters used it. 
Artists who work with Natural Earth Oil Paint state that they are beyond happy with this honest, non-toxic paint. A lot of artists have switched to natural paint and supplies considering the high toxicity of most standard products.

Discover the fascinating process of how you can easily can make your own colors with only the pigment powder and walnutoil. Natural Earth Oil Paint is a beautiful product because it is 100% natural, true to color, economic and durable in use. It contributes to a healthier climate in your workshop.

This kit contains:

  • Ten natural earth & mineral pigments in 56 gr. pockets (makes ca. 60 ml oilpaint per color): venetian red, orange ochre, yellow ochre, terre verte, ultramarine blue, ultramarine purple, black ochre, burnt sienna, titanium white rutile and burnt umber. Packaged in biodegradable plastic bags.*
  • ca. 120 ml of refined walnut oil.
  • ca. 120 ml of Eco-Solve: non-toxic and plant-based paint thinner/brush cleaner.
  • Eco Oil Painting Guide & Mixing Instructions

Everything is packed in a 100% recycled gift box
Note: the oil and eco-solve in this startersset is enough to make paint in all colors for ca. 1-2 painting sessions. To make paint of the complete amount of pigments available in the kit, you need an additional amount of oil and eco-solve.

This kit includes top-quality pigments, sustainably harvested from around the world. Each pigment has been carefully grind to enhance the beauty and luminosity specific to each pigment. They provide a texture, radiance, and subtlety of color that synthetic pigments simply can't equal. These paints are free of fillers, additives, synthetic preservatives, toxins, petroleum-based pigments and heavy metals. Simply mix pigments with walnut oil with a palette knife. For more thorough mixing, finish with a glass muller.

* Additional colors not included in this kit are: Brilliant Yellow, Emerald Green, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Violet Ocher, Mayan Red, Mayan Turquoise, Mummy Red and Natural Gold Mica. You can buy these separately.

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