Natural Impasto medium for your oil paintings

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All-natural impasto for thicker paint and beautiful painting techniques!

Impasto is a painting technique to apply paint in more thick ways to the artwork.

The Impasto Medium (limestone) of Natural Earth Paint does not contains toxins and preservatives.
You make the amount you need per painting session. Impasto is an easy way to create effects or thickened paint. It also extends the amount of paint and is therefore economical in combining with the oil paint pigments.

Before using the Impasto Medium, mix the Natural Oil Paint with walnut oil to make your oil paint. The Impasto Medium is made in the same way as the oil paint, but apart from each other. Afterwards you can mix it. The impasto is created with a palette knife.

Impasto can only be used with oil and cannot be used with Natural Earth Paint acrylic paint

Impasto dries transparent.
Content: ca. 480 grams


Q: Can you use the impasto medium with winsor and newton water mixable oils?
A: Yes, you sure can except the medium comes as a powder that needs to be mixed with oil to make the paste. So this mixture will not be "water-mixable". The impasto medium would need to mixed with a clear "water-mixable oil medium" for that to happen.
Q: Do you know if the limestone makes oil paint dry quicker since walnut oil extends drying time? Would maybe adding lavender spike oil in addition to walnut oil or in place of walnut oil work with the limestone to help it dry quicker? Do you know of any faster drying oils/non-toxic materials I can add? Also, does the limestone give the paint a different finish?
A: The purpose of our Impasto Medium is to primarily thicken the paint. It may shorten the dry time slightly but not substantially. Linseed oil dries faster than walnut oil so if you'd rather mix that with the limestone powder, that helps a little. We generally don't suggest Lavendar Spike Oil because while it is less toxic than conventional solvents, it's not non-toxic. If your only objective is for the oil paint to dry faster, then mix M.Graham's Walnut Alkyd Medium into your mixed paint to greatly shorten the dry time. The limestone dries clear in the paint and doesn't greatly affect the paint finish. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
Q: Can I add the impasto medium to the acrylic medium to make it thicker?
A: No, I'm afraid it doesn't work well.
Limestone vs toxic Lime or QuickLime
Q: I took a fresco painting class in college, and remember that the "lime" we used was very toxic and harmful. Could you please explain the safety of the limestone impasto powder that you sell?
A: You're correct Lime is hazardous to use. Limestone is different than Lime. Limestone is basically chalk or calcium carbonate. Completely non-toxic and benign.

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