Blockwallah Indian handcarved wooden printing blocks

Blockwallah is a Finnish-Indian family company that works directly with rural Indian artisans to produce hand carved wooden printing blocks. Blockwallah is run by Laura, a Finn living in India and her Indian partner.

The art of block-printing goes back over a thousand years, practiced by traditional artisans across the country. Blockwallah stamps are hand carved by skilled artisans in rural India. The carving is done on sustainable hard Indian Teak wood. Easy to use, to store, and to clean, these blocks promise a long printing life.

Blockwallah strongly believes in ethical work practices as well as dignity of labor. We feel that a business must benefit everybody involved as well as make a difference to the society we live in. Blockwallah also empowers impoverished women in India by providing them with employment throughout the production process.

Blockwallah wooden printing blocks are hand carved by skilled artisans in rural India. Blockwallah textile stamps come in a range of contemporary and traditional designs and can be used for printing on both fabric and paper. These Indian wooden printing blocks also work beautifully on clay and body art.

These block print stamps come directly from small village artisan communities.  Blockwallah offers employment for underprivileged men and women in rural India and ensure fair wages and good work conditions to all their employees. 

Nice to know: Blockwallah = 'Block' (Stamps) + 'wallah' (Hindi for seller)