Natural Earth paint Glass Muller

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A glass muller is a kind of mortar, also called a runner, to grind your pigments. You use the glass muller on a glass plate and finely rub the pigments in a binder.

In the case of natural earth paint, this can be done in walnut oil. If you have your own oil or binder, that is of course also possible.

  • For thorough blending of pigments into mediums
  • Completely wets all the pigment particle surfaces
  • Medium Glass Muller, hand-made in England
  • Polished surface - 10 cm diameter - Height approx 11.5 cm


Q: Do I need to etch or roughen the glass palette before mulling/mixing paint. What do you suggest I use to do that?
A: Yes, some people will use silicon carbide to add texture or roughen up their glass palette. I don't find that it is necessary for thorough mixing but feel free to do what you feel works best for you. 
Q: Do I definitely need the glass muller to mix paint or can I just use the palette knife?
A: Yes, you can just use the palette knife to mix paint if you mix thoroughly by pressing and swirling repeatedly. The purpose for the glass muller is to make 100% sure that every particle of pigment is completely coated in oil. Because if there are any air pockets in the paint, then the paint might crack after a long period of time.  
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