All Natural Colorado Pine Soap to clean hands

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PINERITE® is a soft but powerful cleanser for your hands!

Made from fallen pine trees in Colorado, it's full of anti-oxidants and also nourishes your skin.

Usually you use terpentine to clean the oil stains from your hands. Your skin will become dry after using terpentine. Furthermore terpentine is dangerous for your health when breathing in the damps.

This handcleaner will remove the oil paint of your hands and is sustainably made.
This all natural, biodegradable soap is a unique and powerful hand soap for everything. From normal daily use to the removal of oil paint, heavy grease, dirt and grime. A little powder goes a long way, just sprinkle in hands and add water. You'll get hundreds of washings per jar.

Note: Contains Lanolin (not vegan)

Pine tree powder is made from the waste of the tree; the fallen branches and needles etc. The powerful cleaning elements are in these parts of the pine tree.

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