Bulk package for 4 liter children's waterpaint purple

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The Children's Earth Paint bulk package is an ideal paint to provide large groups with water paint, such as school classes, workshops etc.

With this bulk package you make 4 liters of paint, depending on whether you want to make a more watercolor-like paint or a thicker (finger) paint or tempera-like paint. The children's paint is also a perfect watercolour paint for a hobbyist or artist who makes aquarel or other waterpaint-artwork. The powders are pure mineral pigments. Minerals from the earth have warm, special and true natural colors and come from various parts of the world.

Natural Earth Paint is very economical in use and for about € 10.00 you can make a liter of paint, which is certainly in terms of price, safety and quality very competing to the existing chemical paints. You can store the paint in the refrigerator for two weeks after it has been made, or you can freeze it. Moreover, you only need to mix what you need for one painting session. The paint is fast drying, environmentally friendly, economical to use, has a super color density and is easily washable from hands and clothing.

Mix 1:1 with water for light washes, or play with the proportions for thicker, more tempera-like paint, or thinner, watercolor-style paint.
Works great on paper, wood, fabric, glass, stones, and more. Commonly used by adults as well for painting wooden toys, scrap booking and crafts.

Ingredients: natural pigments, organic corn starch, gum arabic
Almost no or no change to allergies by skinproblems.

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