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Eco-Solve opens yet another door to completely non-toxic oil painting

Eco solve is a major breakthrough in art material technology. A great axample of how artists become more concious and can start working more professional. When used with our Earth Oil Paints and walnut oil, it opens a door to a professional non-toxic oil paint.

the Benefits of Eco-Solve:

• 100% natural and non-toxic
• Archival, professional artist-quality
• Subtle, fruity licorice scent
• Does not irritate the skin
• Does not emit harmful vapors.
• Soy-based and vegan. Cruelty-free.
• Superb for creating washes, under-paintings, glazes, drip effects, etc.
• Excellent brush cleaner! Can be used to clean all oil painting tools, palettes, brushes, containers, and work surfaces.
• Does not pollute the soil or waterways.

Contains ca 480 ml per bottle
Safety Data Sheet ECOLSOLVE

Notes: Eco-Solve dries a little slower than conventional turpentine/mineral spirits.  

Conforms to US Safety Standard D4236. Tested by professional toxicologists.
Keep out reach of children - this is a strong substance and may cause stomach discomfort if ingested. 

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