Natural Acrylik Paint™ - acrylic paint in Individual colors in tubes Classic en mica

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Natural Acrylik Paint - The First of It's Kind! In tubes in beautiful color range

In addition to fantastic mineral pigments, an oil paint kit, a watercolor kit, children's paint and various medium free of harmful substances, Natural Earth Paint now also offers an eco-friendly and acrylic paint based on natural ingredients. A healthy alternative to regular acrylik paint. With this paint, Natural Earth Paint makes many hobbyists and artists happy who would like to use natural paint, better for their health than the current available art supplies on the market.

  • Plant-Based, Eco-friendly & Archival water-based paint that behaves exactly like conventional acrylic paints.
  • Highly pigmented, professional quality & medium bodied paints
  • Free of harmful additives, petrochemicals, solvents, and carcinogenic ingredients.
  • Paints on canvas, paper, wood, fabric, stones, glass and more.
  • Fast drying and mixes perfectly with conventional acrylik paint
  • Permanent & water-proof fabric paint
  • Made with natural pigments, plant-based resin and bio-based ingredients 2 fl. oz (59 ml) each -

Dries to a satin finish.

Colors Options in this menu: Gold Mica, Silver Mica, Copper Mica, French Turquoise, Scarlet Red, Brilliant Yellow, Ercolano Orange

Other colors: Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Emerald Green, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Purple, Titanium White Rutile, Burnt Sienna, Black Ochre,- click here

Winter Warning: These paints need to stay above freezing during shipping or they will react and be un-usable. If you live in a northern, cold climate please write "Insulate Please" in the Order Notes when checking out. Also, be careful to not store outside or in a freezing environment

Venetian Red, Color Index #PR102 Lightfastness: Excellent / Permanent to UV

Yellow Ochre, Color Index #PY43 Lightfastness: Excellent / Permanent to UV

Emerald Green, Color Index #PG17 Lightfastness: Excellent

Ultramarine Blue, Color Index # PB29 Lightfastness: Excellent

Ultramarine Purple, Color Index #PV15 Lightfastness: Excellent

Burnt Sienna Color Index #PR102 Lightfastness: Excellent / Permanent to UV

Black Ochre - Color Index #PBK11 Lightfastness: Excellent / Permanent to UV

Titanium White Rutile - Color Index #PW6 Lightfastness: Excellent

Brilliant Yellow, Color Index #PY53 Lightfastness: Excellent

French Turquoise Lightfastness: Excellent

Scarlet Red - Color Index- #PR 170 Lightfastness: Excellent

Ercolano Orange – Color Index #PO38 Lightfastness: Excellent

Natural Mica Gold -Color Index #PW-20 Lightfastness: Excellent

Natural Mica Silver -Color Index #PW-20 Lightfastness: Excellent

Natural Mica Copper -Color Index #PW-20 Lightfastness: Excellent

How are they different from regular acrylics?
They are made with a plant-based resin instead of petroleum-based; they are made with natural pigments instead of heavy metal or petrochemical-based pigments; they do not contain harsh chemical additives, hormone disruptors or carcinogenic additives.
Can the paints be thinned down with water to make fluid acryliks?

Why do you call it acrylik if it's not plastic?
We changed the spelling of "Acrylic" slightly so that customers would recognize the "style" of paint that this is but know that it's not the same thing.

Are these paints just as archival and long lasting as regular acrylics?
Yes, absolutely.

How long does it take to dry?
The same speed as conventional acrylics - about 10-40 min., depending on the humidity level you're in. For painting fabric, we recommend letting it cure for 24 hours before putting it in the wash.

Do the paints dry glossy or matte?
It varies slightly depending on the pigment used but most dry to a "satin" finish.
Do they paint on vinyl, leather and all fabrics?

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