Bulk Natural mineral earth pigment Natural Gold Mica

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Bulk package of Natural Earth Oil Paint.

If you are using oil paint frequently, the bulk packages of all colors might be an economical option for you! The biodegradable bags are filled with ca. 450 grams of natural oil pigments!

Note: not all colours have the same weight. Mineral pigments are natural and do differ in weight and consistancy. Therefore our bags are filled with a volume which will be enough to make at least 500 ml to 1 liter of oil paint.

Complete your pigments with the refined and oganic walnut oil. You can mix as much as you need and walnutoil in contrast to linseed oil doesn't yellow overtime.

About the color Mica Gold:
Color Index #PW-20
Our Mica is a very fine, non-tarnishing, brilliant gold that adds a lovely sparkle to paintings.
Note: If added to white or opaque paint, it will get buried. Because this pigment is so fine, it tends to float and disperse easily into the air; we recommend wearing a Niosh certified mask while mixing.

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