methyl cellulose natural plant based glue

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Our Methyl Cellulose (Natural Adhesive) is a natural, plant-based adhesive and paint binder. When dissolved in water, Methyl Cellulose creates a liquid adhesive with a neutral pH—it’s non- toxic, vermin-proof, does not decompose, and dries clear. It’s perfect for bookbinding, sizing papers and fabrics, as a paint binder, thickening baths for marbling paper, decorative paste papers, and more.

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Safety & Quality:Made in the USA. Free of dairy, nuts, and gluten. Vegan & cruelty-free. Not intended for consumption.



Q: Do you have a vegan substitute for rabbit skin glue?
A: We use Methyl Cellulose (plant cellulose glue) as a replacement for rabbit skin glue. It's not quite as strong but it's not as brittle and more flexible. 
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