Natural Earth Face & Body Paint

This is real face painting fun for festivals, theater, circus, Halloween, birthday parties, carnival or dress ups! Natural Earth Face Paint is made with organic and natural ingredients. These paints are durable and wash off easily with just water. This is the most opaque and highest quality natural face paint and body paint available! Hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.

This clay and mineral-based face and body paint is similar to the original body paints first used by humans thousands of years ago. Not only are our paints safe, but they will nourish your skin with healthy conditioners such as organic, fair-trade shea butter and organic castor seed oil.

Our Face Paint is certified non-toxic, and it is free of nano particles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum-based dyes, and animal products.

Please understand that this organic and non-toxic face and body paint is perfect for artists in face and body painting and hobby painters. However, it is not similar to the ones made in chemical industry including toxic additives, which are very fluid and have smooth and detailed possibilities to face paint.

NOTE: Shelf life is 2 years from the date of opening. Please keep the jar lids securely closed after each use. Don't use dirty brushes. Make sure you keep content clean.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Natural clay & mineral pigments, Organic castor seed oil, Organic beeswax, Organic Shea Nilotica (Fair-trade Shea butter), Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol (derived from natural vegetable oils), Laponite (seaweed), Olive-mulse (an olive-based emulsifier), and 1% Optiphen (a formaldehyde-free and paraben-free preservative)

Q: Do you activate the paints with water before loading a brush or are they mixed to be a ready to use paint?
A: They are a cream paint, ready to use with any applicator.
Q: Does the paint crack after it dries on the skin or does the paint retain its smoothness and flexibility?
A: No, it doesn't crack, it dries well and maintains flexibility
Q: Apart from colour and ingredients what noticeable differences are there between your natural paints and the face/body paints available on the market in regards to application and how long they will last on the skin?
A: I have never used professional, commercial face paints but I know they have many varied chemical additives in them that give them ideal face painting qualities - goes on smooth, dries fast, doesn't crack, doesn't smudge, long shelf life, etc. We have tried to simulate these qualities with natural ingredients but you'll have to test for yourself and see how it measures up.
Q: Are they easy to wash off and or do they leave a stain?
A: Super easy - with just water - don't leave a stain.
Q: How many grams are each tub of paint you have currently available?
 And could you sell it in large quantities?
A: We sell in .4 oz (11 grams) jars.  We sell wholesale as well (50% off retail) for orders over $200.
Q: What is your cetearyl alcohol made from?
A: Our cetearyl alcohol is made from sustainable palm and coconut oil.
Face Paint Coverage
The amount of face paint you need depends on the size or amount of paint that's used on each person. If you do a small, simple design on the cheek of each child, then one face paint kit will probably be enough for 40-50 kids. You might want to get our extra colors that don't come in the kit as well - purple, orange, brown. Many also get an extra white.

Q: For your Natural Face Paint, I'm just wondering if making a watercolor-look is possible? I read that it is very opaque paint, so do you think mixing water to the paint will make it dry like watercolor on your face? Can it be layered in such a way?
Face Paint Tutorials
Q: Any tips for using the face paint? Or is that online somewhere?
A: Yes, Here are face paint video tutorials (scroll down until you get to the face paint ones)