Children's Earth Paint Kit

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This is a complete set of ecological Earth Paint in 6 colors, which is very suitable for young children to paint with brushes or just to use to paint with their hands for fingerpainting.
Also great for adults and professional use, for example to make Aquarell.

The paint is made entirely of natural ingredients from the earth, simply to clean because it is waterbased and when you have an allergy or skin problems, this natural paint usually will not cause any problem!
With this 100% natural (non-toxic) Children's Earth Paint you create a creamy, tempera paint when the powder is mixed with water. Add more water to create watercolors!

The rich, vibrant colors can also be used professionally. You can make amazing watercolors or paintings on canvas, paper, cork, wood, stone, fabric, glass and so on. This paint is suitable for all ages!

The rich, vibrant colours can also be used by adults for crafting, scrapbooking, and more. All ages!
This box contains a base for 2,5 - 3 liters of paint.

For your information and to compare
Comparing with other children's paints this paint is a very ecomical choice. Normal paint comes in packages of only 60-80 ml which converted to this Natural Earth Paint is not as economical as it seems. Also often children's paint will dry out if the jar or tube is not properly closed.
With Natural Earth Paint you always have the option to make as many paint as you like.

Content of Children's Earth Paint Kit

  • Six packs in six colors in powder form for a total of almost 3 liters of Natural Earth Paint(red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown).
  • A set of six biodegradable mixing cups and lids.
  • A booklet with instructions Earth Art and nature-based ideas for activities.
  • Ingredients: organic corn starch, arabic gum, natural earth and mineral pigments.

Made in the USA.
All packaging is 100% post consumer recycled and biodegradable.

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