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Recipe: Eco-Friendly and Permanent Fabric Paint

It's the tutorial you've all been waiting for! Join us for our simple, easy, non-toxic fabric painting tutorial and enjoy a safer way to decorate all kinds of textiles with our Natural Acrylic Medium and our Earth and mineral pigments


  • Earth & Mineral Pigment
  • Natural Acrylic Medium
  • Aluminum Tubes or an airtight container for storage
  • Palette Knife
  • Fabric (natural fabrics such as cotton, rayon or linen work best)

Step 1: Scoop your Natural Acrylic Medium onto the palette.

Step 2: Scoop the same amount of Earth & Mineral Pigment onto the acrylic medium and mix with your palette knife. If the paint is too thick, add more medium to achieve your desired consistency. 

Step 3: Store your freshly-mixed Natural Acrylic Paint in an aluminum tube or an airtight container to use again later. You can also make a small amount of paint for one painting session so you don’t have store it.

Step 4: Paint your fabric with your new natural, permanent fabric paint! Clean up any mess with soap and water.

Care Instructions: If you would like to wash your fabric, we recommend waiting over 24 hours until the paint is fully dry and then hand-washing and hang-drying the fabric. The paint is durable enough to be machine-washed, but hand-washing is gentler.

More of a visual learner? Check out our video tutorial!