Natural Egg Dye made of vegetables and fruits

The Egg Dyes of Natural Earth paint are safe, made from organic fruits, herbs and vegetables.

This natural product contains no toxins or animal ingredients and is therefore completely vegan and safe to use to colour food such as toppings for cakes, marzipan and fondant, sugar and cookies or simply to make a colored lemonade. All ingredients are GMO free and gluten free.

You can easily use natural egg paint for all kinds of artwork with eggs. Even peeled you can still colour them with these food dyes. Celebrate spring, Easter, a birthday and even Christmas with this Egg Dye. Make a whole bunch of colored eggs and check out our 'tips & tricks' page to get some great ideas.

You mix the egg paint with water per colour. If you need little dye, for example for coloring sugar, use a little less powder. If the powder is too dry for the application, mix it with a few drops of water. Dye paste is made by mixing the dye with a little bit of corn starch, potato starch or Arabic gum and some hot water. Do you want a lighter color? Mix the powder with fine white powdered sugar or by using less dye.