Bulk Mayan Red Oil Paint

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If you are using oil paint frequently, the bulk packages of all colors might be an economical option for you! The biodegradable bags are filled with 450 grams of natural oil pigments! 

Complete your colors with walnut oil. You can mix as much as you need. 

About the color Mayan Red:

Color Index # PR 287 - A beautiful, vibrant, bright red. After 4 years of searching for a completely non-toxic, natural and professional grade bright red, she's finally arrived! When mixed is very close to Alizarin Crimson. Makes beautiful, bright pinks when mixed with white. Composed of a natural earth clay base with botanical, organic dyes affixed to it.

Note: The volume of this Mayan pigments is 3 times that of other colors for the weight. So it seems like the price is much higher but you're actually getting 3x more pigment.

Lightfastness- Excellent

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