Fine Art Supplies - Oil paint

All art supplies of Natural Earth Paint are completely natural. The products made by a real artist are Natural Earth Paint’s commitment to provide artists with earth conscious, professional painting materials. All paint is made without preservatives, heavy metals, toxic solvents, plastic and binders.

Paint like the Old Masters, (Rembrandt, van Gogh...), with these 100% pure and natural earth oil paints. These naturally non toxic paints create the most archival, UV resistant, durable and radiant paints available today.

Use in combination with high quality vegan Gesso, organic walnut oil (doesn't yellow overtime like lineseedoil), and the complete non toxic and natural Eco-Solve (eco-terpentine), which opens yet another door to completely non-toxic oil painting. All pigments can be mixed with egg yolk to make tempera.

How to make natural earth paint!

The ingredients of the pigments contain natural earth and mineral pigments. You mix the paint yourself with oil. The paint is suitable to youngsters, adults and professionals. Natural Earth Paint is pure and in addition it is one of the most sustainable kind of paint that is available now.

The earth paint powders of Natural Earth Paint garantee quality, vitality and saturation and warm colours to create beautiful contemporary art.

Dry time: ca 4-5 days

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